Quinoa ‘meat’loaf with Violetta from Maggie at El Piano

Maggie from El Piano which is a Vegan Restaurant, has kindly shared her recipe where she cooks Quinoa ‘meat’loaf and serves with Violetta Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes.

Maggie says
“As usual, it’s a proportional recipe (but I’ll give you a precise version for a single oven tray too in italics below – so don’t panic…) The beauty of the proportional recipe is that you can adjust the quantities according to the number of people you are feeding, or the size of the containers you need to fill”

Pre-heat the oven to medium heat and oil oven trays with extra virgin olive oil. Of course you can use loaf tins if preferred, but this increases oven time, runs the risk of the centre not being fully cooked and really makes no difference to presentation if presented sliced…

In a pan, large enough to take all of the following, cover the bottom with 1 part extra virgin olive oil and add:

12 parts whole portobello or field mushrooms

(2 x 500g measure (marge tub – i.e. this is a VOLUME measure, not weight)

6 part whole ripe tomatoes

(1 x 500g measure (marge tub – i.e. this is a VOLUME measure, not weight)

6 part chopped leeks

(1 x 500g measure (marge tub – i.e. this is a VOLUME measure, not weight)

Fresh sage, salt, coarse black pepper to taste – plenty of pepper…

Cover and leave on low while the ingredients cook gently and sweat.

Whilst the mix is still in the pan, whizz half of it, leaving the other half coarse to ensure texture and colour.

Add 1 part uncooked quinoa and 5-6 parts rice flour so that the mix is claggy but not stiff.

(2 x 250g measure of rice flour and 1 heaped TBL uncooked quinoa – these areVOLUME measures, not weight)

Check for seasoning.

Bake in the oven in the oiled tray for about 20 minutes or until both set and golden. Cut into 12 and serve. Equally good cold. Lends itself well to advance preparation. Furthermore, excess mix can be frozen, and then used for future events, even made into patties for fried breakfast… NUT FREE, SOYA FREE.

Recipe for the

  • Wash the Violetta. They don’t need piercing.
  • Put them in a large bowl and pour on extra virgin olive oil, fresh rosemary and salt to taste.
  • Roll them around in the bowl and then onto baking trays, reserving any residual oil, salt and rosemary for later.
  • Roast 40-50 minutes in a medium oven – the timing varies according to the size of the potatoes
  • When cooked through (the skins will be wrinkled and the inner pulp soft when squeezed), dump them back in the bowl with any residual olive oil, rosemary and salt and mash coarsely by hand.
  • Mechanical mashing will just make them gloopy.
  • That’s it! Stunningly delicious!