Highly Commended Sustainable Supplier in the 2017 Footprint Awards

On Thursday 25th May we attended the exciting Footprint Awards evening at The Royal Institute of British Architects, London, and we were delighted to be honoured with the title Highly Commended Sustainable Supplier.
Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes managed to reach the starter dish with The Red Emmalie featuring alongside some edible moss! So that was very thrilling!

Here is the menu, and the dish

Starter dish

The Footprints Awards remains the only initiative to honour the achievements of companies in the area of sustainability and responsible business practice in the out of home sector and its supply chain.

At Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes our team believes that sustainability is the core of all we do, and we are always trying to improve our sustainability. We are LEAF Marque Farmers, and we are fully committed to sustainability.

I hear you ask, “so what exactly are you doing?”

I shall update this blog with examples of the way we work to achieve as best we can on the sustainability front.
IRRIGATION is key in the growing of Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes, and it is used to protect the crops against common scab, as well as help to improve yields. The older varieties that we grow need careful attention, as they are more susceptible to diseases.
We combine Integrated Farm Management with the complete understanding of soil-water interactions which allow for effective irrigation. Soil moisture probes help to establish how and where the water is being used in the soil profile and, using this information combined with the weather forecast, decisions are made to tailor the irrigation to a crop’s needs.
Understanding the individual farm conditions, combined with technology, provides a greater insight into the systems at work. Tiptoe Farm uses water responsibility which allows for continual potato supply while protecting the resource for the environment.
All this work is part of our LEAF farming, and is the key to why we are a LEAF Demonstration Farm, as we welcome groups to visit and learn.
Here is a picture of Chris Smith, the Farm Steward who works with Anthony, with the probes in the ground. These probes are connected to the computer to allow the information to be accessed on line.
Chris with a probe