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About Us

CARROLL’S HERITAGE POTATOES is a small family business based in beautiful rural North Northumberland at Tiptoe Farm.

Lucy and Anthony Carroll and their wonderful team work hard to grow harvest, pack and distribute approximately 17 unique varieties of Heritage Potatoes, which we specially grow to provide you with gourmet eating qualities – excellent flavours, textures, colours, shapes and a taste of history.

We provide you with an efficient next day, mail order delivery service straight from the farm to your door. You can choose from approximately 17 varieties, which will enable you to cook with some amazing varieties of Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes. You will be able to create meals just like some of our wonderful chefs.

harvest 4Some History……In the 1990’s Anthony and Lucy became disillusioned with the way they were farming potatoes. They grew modern varieties for many years, and the emphasis was on volume, and regularity with shiny skins, easily peeled, and not always about flavour or cooking qualities.

In 2000 they grew 1 acre of 4 older varieties, including Arran Victory 1916 , Pink Fir Apple 1850, Red Duke of York 1942 and Red King Edward 1916 , took them to Berwick upon Tweed Farmers Market, and had a positive response.

Lucy worked from the kitchen table to market the small amounts, and Anthony focused on growing the varieties. The demands were so good that each year they have expanded the amount they grew, and this has progressed each year, as has their loyal customer base, and employees!

The varieties are distributed all over Britain direct to all our customers, and these include our home delivery mail order service, direct to chefs and restaurants, small retail outlets, and a small amount of export.

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